VisualArt Reverses Decision To Have DRM On Clannad’s Physical Versions



Upon announcing that Clannad’s translation was complete, Sekai Project also revealed that the physical versions of the visual novel would have CD-checks and DRM mechanisms. Now, however, due to fans rallying against it, the discs will be completely free of DRM.


It should be pointed out that it wasn’t Sekai Project who wanted the discs to have these mechanisms in place. It was, in fact, Japanese visual novel publisher VisualArt who had made that decision.


“Thanks to everyone’s thoughts on this topic across various channels, we decided to continue discussions with VisualArt’s on this matter,” writes Sekai Project. “As a result, they’ve heard the message loud and clear and have allowed the go-ahead for a completely DRM-free release! This will be one of VisualArt’s few releases without DRM and we’re grateful that they’ve given their blessing on it.”

Chris Priestman