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A Vita Dungeon Crawler About Fighting Giant Monsters From Space



Bandai Namco and dungeon crawler makers, Experience, announced that they’re teaming up for a new PlayStation Vita game called Ray Gigant. The latest report on the game shows us its first trailer, along with more details on the main characters.


Ray Gigant is set in the year 20XX, where the world is in ruins after countless cities got destroyed by giant creatures known as the “gigant”. After militia from the around the world put in effort to take down the monster, ending in failure, it was defeated by a single young man in Tokyo, named Ichiya Amakaze.


raygigant_150226-4 raygigant_150226-5

raygigant_150226-25 raygigant_150226-6 


He defeated the Gigant using an unknown power, called “Yorigami,” and his name was then echoed throughout the entire world; however, after defeating the Gigant, his power went wild and destroyed the city, which resulted in his loss of consciousness. He was then taken to safety by another young man.


Ichiya Amakaze:


raygigant_150226-8 raygigant_150226-9

Ichiya is a super healthy Japanese 15-year-old boy, and he’s been raised in an average suburban home. During the time of Tokyo’s destruction, he “awakens” and destroys the city.


Kyle Griffin:



Kyle Griffin is one of the protagonists. He’s a 17-year-old young man from Britain, born in a well-known family, and is highly intelligent. Due to the lack of love from his mother while growing up, it shows in his personality.


Nil Phineas:


Nil is another protagonist of Ray Gigant. She’s a 16-year-old of unknown nationality. She’s been trained to fight the Gigant, but she’s a simple girl who doesn’t know too much about the world.


She’s been given the mission to protect the islands of the Caribbean Sea from a Gigant, and is always vigilantly working hard everyday.



While we still don’t have too much of an idea as far as how the story goes with the three protagonists, the above image shows Ichiya and Kyle fighting, so we know that they might not all necessarily get along that well.


The game is split into chapters, where each one will have you take on the role of one of the protagonists. They’ll always team up with two other characters, and here’s a look at the two that Ichiya partners with on his story:


Mana Isano:


raygigant_150226-12 raygigant_150226-13 raygigant_150226-27

Mana is a childhood friend of Ichiya’s, and likes taking care of others. She attends a middle school in the city of Tokyo, but she was classmates with Ichiya in elementary school.


Kazuomi Miwa:

raygigant_150226-15 raygigant_150226-14

Kazuomi is a serious young man, and is also a reliable friend of Ichiya’s. He doesn’t get along too well with the protagonist at first, but after getting a better understanding of Ichiya’s abilities and the hardships he’s been through, they start to get along over time.


raygigant_150226-16 raygigant_150226-17

raygigant_150226-18 raygigant_150226-19

The above is a look at some of the Gigant. They’re all based off beats of ancient gods as far as designs go. Gigants range from giant bosses to smallfry monsters, and they’re said to come from outer space. They’ve been destroying life and civilization all around Earth.


raygigant_150226-20 raygigant_150226-22 raygigant_150226-23 raygigant_150226-28

raygigant_150226-211 raygigant_150226-29


Ray Gigant will release this summer in Japan for PlayStation Vita.

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