PlayStation Vita

Vita-Exclusive Murasaki Baby Will Enter Your Nightmares On September 16th



Massimo Guarini, director of Shadows of the Damned and now director of indie studio  Ovosonico, has announced that the eerie, nightmarish world of his action-puzzler Murasaki Baby will be seeping onto PlayStation Vita on September 16th in the US, and September 17th in Europe.


Murasaki Baby is played with the Vita’s touchscreen. You hold onto the little girl’s hand to guide her across the treacherous world before her as you attempt to find her lost mother. The purple heart in her other hand represents her life – sometimes it will float away and you’ll need to catch it for her.


You’ll also need to tap and swipe the screen to shoo off the traps and enemies that snarl, pounce, and otherwise try to maim the little girl. Aside from that, you’ll need to solve a few touchscreen-based puzzles to open up a safe path forward.


Murasaki Baby also makes use of the back panel of the Vita in an interesting manner. At times, the young girl will be too frightened to move on, refusing to take your hand. What you’re able to do, then, is to flip the background using the back panel to a happier scene to encourage her.


You should be able to see the other main feature of Murasaki Baby for yourself. Yep, it’s the surreal world that you travel through. Illustrated with a mostly black-and-white world, the denizens in Murasaki Baby where costumes, are absorbed by parts of the environment, and the more horrific scenes feature images resembling birth and mutilation.


Murasaki Baby will cost you $14.99 at full price, but during its launch period next week it will be discounted to $11.99 for a short while. You can find more information and screenshots on the game’s website.

Chris Priestman