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Vita Physical Games Coming for Kid Tripp, Miles & Kilo, and Foxyland Collection

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Even though PlayStation Vita cartridge production has ended in most regions, something that even temporarily halted Limited Run Games’ productions, there are still some stragglers sneaking out. Most notably, EastAsiaSoft is still making PlayStation Vita physical games and has revealed two compilations. Foxyland Collection and Kid Tripp + Miles & Kilo Collection will both be heading to the system in March 2020. Each cartridge will have two games on it, with both having dual platinum trophy support, and come with extras. Also, 1,500 copies of each will be made.

Foxyland Collection gives people Bug-Studio and Ratalaika Games’ Foxyland and Foxyland 2 in English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. Each one is a platformer where people follow Foxy Fox, or in the case of the sequel Foxy’s love interest Jennie, as they try to go through levels to save someone important to them. It also comes with a manual, soundtrack CD, and stickers.

Like Foxyland Collection, the Kid Tripp + Miles & Kilo Collection gives people two platformers. People have Four Horses’ Kidd Tripp, which is an action game about a kid running through levels on deserted island, and Miles & Kilo, about a duo attacked by a group who stole their plane’s parts. In addition to English for both and unspecified European languages for Miles & Kilo, both games offer Korean and Traditional Chinese language options. It also comes with a manual and soundtrack CD.

Foxyland, Foxyland 2, Kidd Tripp, and Miles & Kilo are all available immediately digitally for the PlayStation Vita. The physical collections will be out in March 2020.

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