Vivi And Steiner Join Zidane And Garnet In The Final Fantasy IX Bring Arts Lineup


vivi 1

We previously reported a few months back on Zidane and Garnet’s Bring Arts figure lineup additions, and this week Square Enix has revealed Bring Arts figures for two of their allies, Vivi Ornitier and Adelbert Steiner.


vivi 2

vivi 3

Like Zidane and Garnet, these two characters are only sold as a pair, and they come with three sword types and a scabbard, and hand options for Steiner, and two staves and hand and fire effect parts for Vivi. Particular care has been placed on recreating the look of Vivi’s flowy robe, and Steiner’s metallic armor. Steiner has three facial expression parts to choose between, while Vivi has two.


Here are more screenshots below:

vivi 4 vivi 5

vivi 6 vivi 7

edelbert 1

edelbert 2 edelbert 3


The Vivi and Steiner set costs 19,008 yen (~$175 USD), just like Zidane and Garnet. They are available for pre-order here, and come out November 29, 2019.

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