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Vividblue Is Playable In Vividred Operation: Hyper Intimate Power



Namco Bandai gives us a look at the Docking system in their upcoming game based on the anime and manga, Vividred Operation: Hyper Intimate Power. In our previous report, we showed Akane Isshiki taking out Alones. This time, it’s Vividblue and her giant hammer.


Similar to the anime, Docking is powered by friendship. After the friendship power gauge is full you can trigger Docking.



Docking increases your power and speed. You can also use special attacks such as the Vivid Impact attack to crush Alones.


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Docking doesn’t last forever, so it’s crucial to finish your enemies before time runs out. You can use super speed granted by Docking mode to tackle enemies or use Vividblue’s giant hammer to smash Alones.


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Here’s a look at Vividblue’s special attack, Vivid Impact. It starts out with a powerful jet powered attack, followed by an explosive finisher, that can instantly destroy several Alones at a time.


Vividred Operation: Hyper Intimate Power is currently in development for PlayStation 3.

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