Voice Actress Maaya Sakamoto Releasing New Duets Album


Maaya Sakamoto will release her newest album, Duets, on March 17, 2021. Sakamoto is a very prolific voice actress, singer-songwriter, and actress with a career spanning anime, video games, and films. Published by FlyingDog and distributed by Victor Entertainment, Sakamoto’s latest album will commemorate her 25th anniversary in show business.

Fans will recognize the voice of Maaya Sakamoto from anime such as The Vision of Escaflowne, Fate/Apocrypha, and Ghost in the Shell: Arise. Video game fans will recognize her as the voice of characters such as Aerith in Final Fantasy VII Remake and Lightning in the Final Fantasy XIII collection.

Including mini-albums, Duets will be Maaya Sakamoto’s 14th original album overall. This will also be her first record to spotlight duet collaborations. Duets will feature songs written by both Sakamoto and the participating artists, totaling seven tracks overall. The collaborators are Asako Toki, Hiroki Wada, Kohei Dojima, Kyoko Koizumi, Masakazu Hara (the band apart), Yoshio Inoue, and Yumi Uchimura (la la larks).

The physical CD will cost 2,500 yen (not including tax) and will release on March 17, 2021. For those who prefer streaming, Maaya Sakamoto’s album will also be available on the following services: Amazon Music Unlimited/HD, ANiUTa, Apple Music, AWA, KKBOX, LINE MUSIC, mora qualitus, Rakuten Music, RecMusic, Spotify, YouTube Music.

Oni Dino
Oni Dino is a Japanese-English translator, localization editor, and podcaster. He has several video game credits and regularly translates columns from Masahiro Sakurai and Shigeru Miyamoto. When not knee-deep in a JRPG and wishing games had more environmental story-telling, he's attending industry events and interviewing creative auteurs to share their stories.