Void Pyramid Is A Post-Apocayptic RPG Set In A Spacefaring Egyptian Empire



Set in a post-apocalyptic future ruled by a spacefaring Egyptian empire, free turn-based RPG Void Pyramid has players working to escape a deadly prison pyramid in outer space.




Several character classes, including soldiers, slaves, and scribes, offer players various ways to tackle the game with strength or cunning. Many of the game’s areas have multiple ways in which they can be overcome, encouraging players to tackle the game’s enemies, maps, and puzzles however they like.




Depending on player stats, they will be able to bend bars, hack computers, bargain with merchants, scale walls, or find many other means to use their character build to the fullest and cut their own path through Void Pyramid. In doing so, they will find several unique endings and optional bosses across the prison.




Void Pyramid is available for free on PC, Android, and Ouya.

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