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Void Terrarium 2 Brings Caregiving West in Spring 2023

Void Terrarium 2

NIS America officially confirmed that Void Terrarium 2, sequel to the 2020 caregiving roguelike, is going west. At yesterday’s NISA 2022 Showcase event it unveiled the global version of the game, formally titled void* tRrLM2();//Void Terrarium 2. It’s set for a Spring 2023 release window.

Check out its announcement trailer below.

Void Terrarium 2 builds on the gameplay and concept of the original. You play Robbie, a robot tasked with keeping Toriko, the last living human, alive in a hostile and toxic environment. The previous villain, cloudAI, is defeated, but Toriko is threatened by something new: Disease. You’ll need to plumb dungeons and explore your surroundings to bring Toriko the things she’ll needs, like bugs to eat and ingredients for crafting. You’ll also need to make sure her living space is safe and appropriately nurturing, a tough ask considering the circumstances. Toriko will help you clean up and make things liveable, but she’s fragile. Fail to meet her needs and she can catch all manner of awful diseases or expire in heartbreaking ways.

The game will receive a physical release on Switch and PS4, with Limited and Deluxe editions available on various retailers and the NISA Online Store. The Deluxe Edition comes with a mini art book and a digital soundtrack. Limited Edition will include the Deluxe Edition’s goodies, plus a physical 1-disc soundtrack, a “Growing Together” acrylic standee, a “Friendly Faces” art card, and a collector’s box with art of Toriko on the cover.

Void Terrarium 2 is set for release in the Spring of 2023 on Switch and PS4. It’s currently available in Japan. Check out Siliconera’s official review of the first game.

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