Vortex -Tears Of The Abyss- Is An Action RPG Where You Fight Alongside A Pet

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Chinese studio CrazyBearGames has put its action-RPG Vortex –tears of the abyss– up on Steam Greenlight.


It’s designed to play like the original Zelda games except it takes place in a 3D world and incorporates roguelike elements. That includes randomly generating the world (including NPCs, monsters, items, and even the story) every time you play and permadeath so that every time you die you have to restart entirely.


One of the game’s standout features is its pet system. There are several different pets that you can bring along with you that will help you out. The pets apparently have a special system used to protect you: “The APS (Automatic Protective System) comes from the ancient technology of Vortex world, their mission is to protect their master, but most of the time, they are more like pets beside their master.”


Vortex has four basic classes – adventurer, warrior, mage, marksman – with more advanced types for you to unlock. Each offers different types of combat ranges and skills, and these can be balanced out or enhanced depending on the equipment you dress your class up with.


The plan is to bring Vortex –tears of the abyss– out in the summer of 2016. A Kickstarter will be launched before that.

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