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Vostok Inc Mixes Twin Stick Shooting With Managing 80’s Businessmen



Vostok Inc will have players hiring 80’s-style managers, executives, and consultants to run their planetary mining business, using the cash they make to keep their ship in fighting shape for twin-stick shooter combat.




In Vostok Inc, players have taken to the stars to see what’s worth selling out there. They are able to explore the galaxy for useful planets, landing on them to start mining them for valuable resources. Lots of powerful aliens don’t appreciate the player’s entrepreneurial spirit, though, and will fight back against their tiny ship to keep them away.


Players can buy or craft new upgrades for the ship to help them safely reach new planets by managing their mining businesses. To do so, they’ll have to hire various consultants, executives, and managers to keep them running while the player is out exploring. Based on who they hire, the player can create huge earnings and acquire powerful tools while the futuristic, 80’s-themed business people do the work.




Vostok Inc will offer forty different planets for players to explore, and will be able to access their save across various devices when the game releases on PC, PS4, Vita, and Xbox One.


Players who become tired of becoming intergalactic millionaires will also be able to play various minigames, from the Tamagotchi-like Virtual Executives to a Game Boy-styled FPS. 




Vostok Inc is expected to release in 2017.

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