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VR Figure from Shining –Kirika Towa Alma- DLC Adds New Scenes And Costumes



The PS VR model viewer and lite dating sim VR Figure from Shining –Kirika Towa Alma- released in Japan today, and with it came a couple extra DLC from Sega that adds scenes and costumes to the mix.



The first DLC is “Kirika Towa Alma: Uniform & Astoria Academy” that adds a new school outfit for Kirika along with a new scene set in Astoria Academy.



The second one is “Kirika Towa Alma: Swimsuit & Tropical Resort” that includes a swimsuit outfit and the Tropical Resort setting.



The DLC are available for 800 yen each. The game itself goes for 1,000 yen over at the Japanese PlayStation Store. Those of you looking to get both DLC plus the game can get it cheaper with the VR Figure from Shining + 2 DLC bundle for 2,340 yen at the PS Store.



For those of you curious about the game, it’s basically a VR model viewer that lets you check out Kirika from Shining Resonance in a VR space in its “Figure Viewing Mode.” You can also experience a date with her in the “Event Viewing Mode.” Check out more screenshots and info in our previous report.


VR Figure from Shining –Kirika Towa Alma- is now available in Japan for PlayStation VR. Shining Resonance Refrain just released in the West, and you can check out its launch trailer here.

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