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VR Serial Experiments Lain Exhibition Includes Lain’s Room

An online exhibition for Serial Experiments Lain is available via VRChat. The June 24, 2024 update added Lain’s room as a place you can explore. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

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This exhibition is part of a campaign to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series. It started on June 20, 2024 and every Monday, there will be a new area to explore. The exhibition’s focus is on letting visitors experience for themselves the bizarre and unsettling worldview of Serial Experiments Lain. Aside from Lain’s room, you’ll be able to check out a hallway full of such creepy scenes, as well as a display tower of all of Lain’s scenes. Aside from just looking at things, there’s also an interactive element to the exhibition, such as switches you can press.

You can access the Weird Exhibition for the 25th anniversary of Serial Experiments Lain using the access link from this Tweet:

 Serial Experiments Lain started out as an anime series, airing from July to September 1998. A video game for it came out in 1998 and a manga came out in 1999. It follows the story of Lain, who is an awkward introvert. She receives an e-mail from a dead student who tells her of the Wired, which is a virtual realm that she abandoned her physical body for. Serial Experiments Lain was well-received and serves as an influential work even years after its initial broadcast.

You can watch Serial Experiments Lain on Crunchyroll.

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