VShojo VTubers Ironmouse and Zentreya Getting New Models

VShojo VTubers Ironmouse and Zentreya Getting New Models
Image via Ironmouse

VShojo announced Ironmouse and Zentreya will both be getting new VTuber models. For Zentreya, this will be a 2.0 model. That will show up on May 20, 2023. There’s no exact time for its first appearance. As for Ironmouse, this is just a new model for her. That will show up first at 12pm PT/3pm ET on May 11, 2023.

It’s been quite some time since a new Zentreya model appeared, as the VShojo VTuber’s last look showed up in July 2022. That’s when she got a 3D cyborg design. Prior to that, she had a 2D version of that look from earlier that year. Some of her past designs involved one where she wore a military uniform and another in which she looked like a dragon.

Here’s the first teaser for her new design, which only features her eyes and face.

Meanwhile, Ironmouse gets new models fairly regularly. For example, we saw her new Race Queen model back in February 2023. She’s been using it rather regularly since then. Prior to that, she ended up getting a Demon Queen model in November 2022. This new model for her comes not long after she passed 1.5 subscribers on Twitch.

Here’s the teaser for the model for VShojo VTuber Ironmouse.

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