Vtuber Hololive Super Expo Will Include Hololive 3rd Fes Concert

Vtuber Hololive Super Expo Will Include Hololive 3rd Fes Concert

Cover announced that Hololive Super Expo 2022 Vtuber event will be held March 19-20, 2022 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. The Hololive 3rd fes concert Link Your Wish concert will be held at the same time. While the former is an in-person event, the latter will be streamed online. The event is being called Hololive’s biggest.

Few details are available about Hololive Super Expo 2022. There will likely be new announcements for existing Vtubers. There could also be new costumes for performers. Special event goods will also be sold. The event page’s movie preview image does show art of Hololive En Project: Hope’s IRyS.

As for Link Your Wish, streaming tickets can be purchased via SPWN. It is ¥5,500 for one day and ¥10,000 for access to both days. There’s also a tentative list of which Hololive Vtuber performances people can expect for each day of the Hololive 3rd fes concert. Goods will be sold for it as well, though none were revealed yet.

Here are the March 19, 2022 Vtuber performances.

  • AZKi
  • Fubuki Shirakami
  • Haato “Haachama” Akai
  • Kanata Amane
  • Korone Inugami
  • Luna Himemori
  • Marine Houshou
  • Matsuri Natsuiro
  • Miko Sakura
  • Nene Momosuzu
  • Noel Shirogane
  • Polka Omaru
  • Subaru Oozora
  • Suisei Hoshimachi
  • Towa Tokoyami

And these Vtubers will appear on March 20, 2022.

  • Aki Rosenthal
  • Aqua Minato
  • Ayame Nakiri
  • Botan Shishiro
  • Choco Yuzuki
  • Flare Shiranui
  • Lamy Yukihana
  • Mel Yozora
  • Mio Ookami
  • Okayu Nekomata
  • Pekora Usada
  • Robocosan
  • Rushia Uruha
  • Shion Murasaki
  • Sora Tokino
  • Watame Tsunomaki

The Hololive Super Expo 2022 and Hololive 3rd fes Vtuber concert will be held March 19-20, 2022. The official site is open.

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