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VVVtunia’s Guest Connect System Summons Popular Virtual YouTubers

VVVtunia Virtual YouTubers

Compile Heart shared new gameplay details for its upcoming Neptunia spinoff game VVVtunia, featuring popular virtual YouTubers. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]

First, here are some details for two new characters:

  • Vice – Virtual unit. An overbearing devilish girl who is actually kind deep down. The black-haired girl in the illustration.
  • Rihito – An angel-like girl who puts the facade of an older sister-type, but it actually sadistic deep down. She enjoys messing with Vice.

Additionally, we have a few battle details with the “Real-Time Switch Action”:

  • It allows you to switch characters at any time during combat.

Lastly, here are some bits on the “Guest Connect System”:

  • A system that introduces real-life popular virtual YouTubers.
  • They get involved in a cyber world incident and turned into “V-Cubes” after being captured by the enemy.
  • You can get them to help out in battle after rescuing them.

VVVtunia releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan in 2020. Check our previous report for story details and a look at its first batch of screenshots.

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