Wacky School Management Sim No Pineapple Left Behind Is Now On Kickstarter



No Pineapple Left Behind is a game about de-unionized schools and, er, pineapples that attend class. Yep. It appeared on Siliconera a couple of weeks ago but now its creator, Subaltern Games, has taken it to Kickstarter to find the necessary funding.


As you may or may not remember, No Pineapple Left Behind is a wacky school management game in which all of the pupils of your school have been turned into pineapples by an evil wizard. You don’t mind so much as that makes it easy to make a profit.


Your task, then, is to get these pineapples good grades and to keep them in line. If you let them toddle (Bounce? Wobble? Roll? How do pineapples move? ) off then there’s a risk of them turning back into children, and you don’t want that. Why? Children are both annoying and expensive, of course.


Or, perhaps you do want to try to run the school properly, that is, with human children instead of pineapples. That’s a decision you’ll have to make in No Pineapple Left Behind – do you want to make easy profits and dehumanize children, or struggle through educating kids and, potentially, having all the fun and satisfaction that comes with that?


Other things you’ll to oversee include school buses turning up late, teachers demanding to much pay, what spells to cast to teach pineapples / children what they need to learn, and managing the school budget by purchasing equipment.


No Pineapple Left Behind will be coming to PC in mid-2015 and you can support it through Kickstarter. You can get a digital copy of the game for $10, or if you have more cash to splash, there are also plushies, art books, pineapple portraits, alpha builds, and the soundtrack to get hold of.

Chris Priestman