Walk The Path Of A Hired Killer In The Cyberpunk World Of Eyes of Gods



Children born with black eyes are believed to be seers, chosen by the gods to watch mortals from afar. This is why The Order takes them at birth to fuel their religious power. Luca, a hired killer born with one of the god’s eyes, must walk his own path, deciding to ally himself with The Order or another group that desires power, in visual novel Eyes of Gods.




Players will guide Luca’s path in this twisting cyberpunk world, dictating whether the man becomes more than just a murderer across the game’s 12 main and 7 extra endings. Along the way, he can grow close to two potential love interests, as well as choose to assist The Order or the Alliance, a group of bandits who are also vying for power.




Eyes of Gods is currently seeking votes on Steam Greenlight.

Alistair Wong
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