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Wandersong Now Solves Problems With Singing On The Nintendo Switch


Wandersong, a singing adventure game where players will help people, solve puzzles, and scare off ghosts using their voice, is now coming to the Nintendo Switch courtesy of Humble Bundle.


Wandersong lets players cut loose with song, dictating the notes they use with a colorful wheel around the Bard hero. Players may have to sing in certain ways to help situations, or sing in the correct direction to manipulate the environment and open up paths to further explore.

These songs are more than just pretty sound, though. The Bard is looking to save the world through singing, collecting pieces of the Earthsong that have been scattered all over the world. This song will stop a Goddess from resetting the world, but will require players go through some silly events and help goofy, lighthearted characters with the problems in their lives. Or annoy with singing, which players can also do.


Wandersong is scheduled to release in early 2018, and interested players can follow its development on the game’s site.

Alistair Wong
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