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Want A Dynasty Warriors Hunting Game? Tecmo Koei Talks Future Possibilities


Last time we heard from Tecmo Koei’s vice president Hisashi Koinuma, he spoke about his company’s plan to provide the Gust studio with more technology to continue with their popular Atelier series. Following that, in an interview with Famitsu magazine a few weeks ago, he talked about next generation ideas he has in mind for their popular Warriors series.


During the interview, Famitsu asks about what kind of possibilities are in store for the next generation of Tecmo Koei’s Warriors games.


“On the subject of possibilities and new introductions, I believe that an open world Warriors game, or an RPG that utilizes a Warriors system would be quite interesting,” says Koinuma. “Also, we’ve acquired the knowhow of hunting-action games after developing Toukiden, so a Warriors game combined with elements of a hunting-action game would also be a possibility.”


He continues, “One more thing: while much remains unknown for the time being, by utilizing the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One’s next-generation specs, I believe that it might even be possible to come up with new game elements that have yet to be seen.”


Famitsu asks if there are any things that Koinuma has personally always wanted to try out with the Warriors series.


“Up until now, the movements of troops in the background of the Warriors games have been simulated in a rather simple way,” says Koinuma. “However, if we could fully simulate it all together, I believe that the strategic elements would see a major improvement, and the fights would be much more fun on a whole other level.”


“Also, when the time comes that we start working on a new game for next-generation consoles, I’d like to thoroughly focus on the landscapes of the game,” he adds. “By adding more destroyable objects, I believe it could be fun to take things in a more realistic direction.”


Famitsu end the interview by asking him to share a message for the fans.


“By continuing to pursuit the respective niches of our three major brands, we here at Tecmo Koei will continue aiming for new challenges,” shares Koinuma. “With this principle in mind, we’ve been working hard everyday on the development of a new IP. We’ll continue releasing games from our popular series, just as we’d like all our fans to continue enjoying them, so please look forward to our next developments.”


One development that Koinuma probably couldn’t discuss at the time was the development of Hyrule Warriors, a Warriors-style game based on The Legend of Zelda series. Nintendo announced this game yesterday, although details on it are scant.

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