This War Of Mine Focuses On Civilian Survival Rather Than Soldiers


11 Bit Studios has released its survival game This War Of Mine for PC.

It’s a game that focuses on war like so many other games, but the focus isn’t on the peril of a soldier, but upon the struggles of the civilians caught up in the debris that used to be their homes.

You play as one of these groups of survivors who huddle together in a besieged city, struggling to find food to eat, needing medicine, and in constant danger from hostile soldiers as well as other civilian survivors looking to scavenge your supplies.

You get to decide how each survivor spends their time each day and night. You may want to brush up their cooking skills, or arm them with a gun, while at night it’s usually best to venture outside as it’s safest then, trying to find more supplies.

But can you steal from an old couple who are in the same situation as yourself? Can you steal from children starving to death in the collapsed shell of their home? This War Of Mine puts you in a situation in which you need to answer these questions.

You can purchase it for $19.99 on Steam and Game Republic for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Chris Priestman