The Silver Grove update for Warframe adds a new Warframe to the mix called Titania. This Warframe’s battle techniques are beautiful, but deadly as it lures in enemies with shiny objects and attacks with razor-winged butterflies. To change the flow of battle, Titania can also shrink into a flying fairy.



Developer Digital Extremes details additional features included in The Silver Grove update as follows.


New Lunario Improvements: Tenno, at the ready! Warframe’ s recently released team sport Lunaro is expanding! Flip your perspective with a new Steel Meridian-themed Map, featuring a sideways net and mid-field ramps. Experience new gameplay improvements including a dedicated ‘pass’ button and the ability to guard while holding the Lunaro. Matchmaking improvements and the introduction of volunteer servers means you – along with your teammates and adversaries – will experience even smoother and more consistent Lunaro gameplay.


New Glyph System: Leave more than just bodies of fallen enemies on the battlefield. Leave your mark with Warframe’ s new Glyph system. Choose from a variety of Glyph designs and make a statement in your environment.


Warframe’s Silver Grove update has launched on PC, and it is coming soon to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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