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Wargroove Includes A Campaign Editor


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At the E3 2017 PC Gaming Show, a new Wargroove feature made its debut. In addition to the 12 included campaigns in the game, which offer a storyline for each playable character, people will be able to make their own. A Campaign Editor is built into the game.


Wargroove’s Campaign Editor is a multipart affair. People can create their own maps. They can also make dialogue cutscenes for each area. The resulting creations can be multi-level campaigns that even have branching paths with conditions to unlock additional routes. They are the same tools used in-house to make campaigns. Combine this with the already established mod support, and people should have access to the tools needed to make some original stories and experiences.


We also got a better look at the character descriptions for some of the Wargroove commanders in the new trailer.

    • Hakuchou from Heavensong Empire: “Hakuchou is the long reigning empress of the sprawling and mighty Heavensong Empire. Having lost her mother at a young age to the Felheim Legion, Hakuchou will stop at nothing to eradicate necromancy.”
    • Mercia from Cherrystone Kingdom: “The well meaning but inexperienced Queen Mercia is more at home on the battlefield than in the throne room. Having just inherited the rule of Cherrystone Kingdom, she yearns to do her late father and her people proud.”
    • Ragna from Felheim Legion: “Assembled from the remains of fallen heroes, Ragna was created by Valder to lead the Felheim armies. With a mind as fractured as her body, Ragna makes a manic game of war that feeds her compulsive need for victory.”
    • Valder from Felheim Legion: “Ruling necromancer of the Felheim Legion, Valder secured control of the Fell Gauntlet at a young age and with it, the power to raise the dead. Valder aims to show the world there is more to a zombie than a shambling corpse.”

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Wargroove will come to the Nintendo Switch and PC in 2017.

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