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WarioWare Gold Introduces The Characters And Premise Of The Game


warioware gold

WarioWare Gold’s official Japanese site has gone up, adding a new prologue video for the story, as well as short descriptions for several of the appearing characters.



Wario comes back from yet another globetrotting quest for treasure, only to find that he’s run out of money in the process. After watching a program on TV on how well a game called Super Pyoro is selling, he decides to hold a microgame competition in Diamond City. The entry fee is 10,000 coins, but the winner will potentially receive 10,000,000 coins. With his plan set, Wario calls up everyone he knows in order to help make more mega microgames.




Every character will be fully voiced in WarioWare Gold, but no voice actors have been revealed for the characters.



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THE Wario. He loves money and garlic, but spends most of his money on food.



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A young witch-in-training who doesn’t show much emotion, but is quite the sourpuss. She hates sweets and cute dresses.


Jimmy T.

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The hottest, coolest dancing fanatic. He can be usually found busting his moves at Club Sugar.



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A kindergarten-aged ninja. She and Ana are twins, and she’s the livelier one of the two.



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A kindergarten-aged ninja who’s Kat’s twin. She’s more timid compared to her sister.



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A taxi driver in Diamond City. He usually is calm and friendly, but his temper fires up easily. Spitz is his boss.



warioware gold 11 2


An elementary-schooler who’s a Nintendo fanatic. He plays anything from the oldest of retro games to the latest hits.



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A rapper-like gamer, and 9-Volt’s best friend. He also loves Nintendo games.



warioware gold 9 2


A high school student who’s bright and cheery. However, she’s always busy doing something, like hanging out with friends, buying things, and working part-time jobs.


Master Mantis

warioware gold 10 2


A master of martial arts, and Young Cricket’s sensei. They are currently training together. He is really strong.



The microgames this time come from various games in the series, and have various gimmicks to them, from touch controls, to blowing into the microphone.


Button Microgames

warioware gold


Gyro Microgames

warioware gold 2


Touch Microgames

warioware gold 3


Microphone Microgames

warioware gold 4


WarioWare Gold releases for Nintendo 3DS in Europe on July 27, 2018, Japan on August 2, and North America on August 3.

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