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Warlocks Is All About Using Destructive Magic To Destroy Shadow Beasts



    If you fancy a multiplayer co-op and versus wizard-themed action-RPG and brawler then you might want to check out One More Level’s Warlocks, which is now on Kickstarter.


    That said, Warlocks is more Risk of Rain and Castle Crashers than Magicka – it’s a side-scrolling action game with a wide range of destructive spells to cast at the evil shadow beasts invading this mortal realm.


    You’ll explore multiple gloomy realms, defeat nasty bosses contained within each, and collect procedurally generated loot to upgrade your warlock.



    Key to succeeding in Warlocks is learning the attack and defense patterns of each unique enemy type. There are those stand bang fists against the floor, sending out shockwaves, smaller ones that scurry at you fast, and others that’ll stand back and send fiery rage at you from afar.


    With progress comes new warlocks, each of which demand their own play style, so you may find that one suits you more than another, working to level that one up to their most powerful form. Expect to freeze enemies with ice spells, to transform into a phoenix and rain down fire, and to conduct lightning to defeat the shadows.


    One More Level wants to bring Warlocks to PC primarily, with PS4 and Xbox One in its sights, too. The consoles would be ideal for the game’s local (and online) four-player co-op as it supports as many gamepads. It also has classic 1v1 and 2v2 Deathmatch modes.


    If you’re interested, you can pledge $12 on Kickstarter towards Warlocks’s on-going development and get yourself a DRM-free digital copy as well as a Steam Early Access key (it has already been Greenlit).

    Chris Priestman

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