I mentioned Dungeon of Windaria before mainly because the source material is such odd choice. Mystery dungeon games don’t need licenses. Izuna and Shiren are fine without anime co-stars. To be fair, the recently released Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness is a counter-example, but it doesn’t look like Compile Heart is doing much with the Windaria setting.


Izu and Jill are playable characters. They wander through random dungeons. Canes throw magic spells. Sounds familiar? Dungeon of Windaria looks like every other roguelike out there. An unfortunate predicament considering the plethora of mystery dungeon games on the Nintendo DS. If there were none (or maybe one) Compile Heart would have a fighting chance. Maybe they should have allocated the funds used to license Windaria towards fleshing out the gameplay.




Images courtesy of Compile Heart.

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