Watch A Boss Fight From Never Gone, A Stylish Gothic Beat-Em-Up



Chinese studio Hippie Game has released a new gameplay video for its upcoming gothic beat-‘em-up Never Gone. It’ll be coming to iOS and Android once finished. It may also come to PC.


The new footage is nearly 10 minutes long, starting off with the Dark Sister fighting a bunch of skeletons before moving on to fight The Blade Whisperer in a boss fight. You’ll notice that a lot of the Dark Sister’s attacks are blocked, which is on account of a new weapon system that is still being tweaked. The video also showcases the new level select screen, the game’s new combo system, and the music provided by Swedish metal band Therion.


As you can see, it uses on-screen virtual buttons. A d-pad on the left side controls movement, while A, B, and C buttons correspond to attack, jump, and shield. These can be chained together for different combos. The game has two playable classes—the Dark Sister and the Blood Ranger (both vampires)—that each have their own moves, upgradeable skills, and unlockable weapons.


Never Gone takes place in a world in which vampires, humans, and demons all exist and are in constant battle with each other. It will have a single player mode, a co-op mode, and real-time PvP.


You can find out more about Never Gone on its Facebook page and Greenlight Concepts page.

Chris Priestman