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Watch A Crew Of Mobile Suits Take On Waves Of Acguys In Gundam Battle Fortress



Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Fortress, the free-to-play real-time strategy game for PlayStation Vita recently launched in Japan, and some players put together videos demonstrating how the game plays.


The first video shows a high rank mission, where the player will need to defend their headquarters from being rushed by Acguys and countless other Mobile Suit units that spawn from the outer areas. It’s basically a battle of survival and endurance when it comes to defending your base.


The headquarters are protected by a few walls and artillery that shoot down enemies within range. As for the Mobile Suit units of your crew, instead of controlling them manually, they have their own characteristics that vary depending on who is the pilot. Various skills can come in handy to help boost parameters when things start looking rough.


Base defense missions are cleared once you can manage to wipe out all the remaining enemy Mobile Suits.


The attacking missions are a whole other story, as you’ll get to gather your own units and rush down enemy walls and take down their headquarters for the win. You start out by placing your units anywhere in the blue area using the Vita touch screen.


At 1:51, the next round shows us how things can get pretty hectic. In addition to having the more powerful Gundams, you’ll also get to throw in groups of weaker units such as Zakus, Acguys, and other Mobile Suits. These units don’t have skills, but they’re kind of like the pawns in chess, and are useful for acting as decoys or attacking by the numbers.


While attacking enemy bases, they’ll do their best to take down your horde of Mobile Suits, and this is where your offensive skills will come in handy to wipe out their walls, artilleries, and other defenses they might have going on.


Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Fortress is currently available in Japan for PlayStation Vita. You can read more about the skill system of the game in our earlier report.

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