PlayStation 3

Watch BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma’s Fighters Slice And Dice



Arc System Works will soon be done bringing their arcade fighter BlazBlue: Chronophantasma over to the PlayStation 3 after spending almost a year sitting it in arcades in Japan.The above promotional video is a teaser taster of most of the characters, bringing back all our fan favorites like Ragna, while introducing new ones such as Amane Nishiki and Bullet.


As a bonus the PlayStation version is also getting Kokonoe as a playable character.



The promo video mostly shows some moves and voiceovers—and a very, very interesting last few seconds that shan’t be spoiled for fans of the game’s storyline. If you want something longer to whet your appetite to the game’s October 24th release in Japan, though, you can always check out the TGS presentation we showcased here.


The good news for those who haven’t been paying much attention is that Akysys Games will be bringing the title over to North America in early 2014, alongside all the goodies and more that the Japanese version will receive.