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Watch A Dragon’s Dogma Online Party Battle A Horde Of Orcs



Dragon’s Dogma Online is the series’ upcoming MMORPG title, where you’ll get to play as different job classes and team up with friends to take on Orcs. Capcom shared the latest look during a recent Dengeki PlayStation event.


While the uploader apologizes for the low quality, you can check it out to get a good idea on how the game plays. Here are some notes of details from the event:


  • Lobbies can have a maximum of 100 players.


  • There are cross-server matchmaking, and players will also get to warp to their friends’ servers.


  • Quest Board missions will change on a daily basis.


  • There are different types of quest orders, but the Quest Board also features simple missions that you can even do solo.


  • There’s a special place where you’ll accept main quests to advance in the game’s main story. The first main story revolves around a petrified white dragon that is seen in the area.


  • Players can also jump in the lobby.


  • There are simple communication methods that will let you use motions, fixed phrases, and more. There are also fixed phrases that are voiced.


  • The current build’s map is already three times larger than that of Dragon’s Dogma.


  • Location types include forests, lakes, mines, and more.


  • The footage shows a party made of a Fighter, Shield Sage, Priest, and Hunter.


  • Orcs are important enemy characters, and you’ll see many of them throughout the story. They come in different varieties as well. The ones shown in the gameplay footage are the lowest-ranked Orcs.


  • The Orcs have a fort as their headquarter, and taking it over will be part of the story.


Dragon’s Dogma Online will release in Japan sometime in 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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