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Watch: Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII Extended Trailers


lightning1.jpgRemember a while back at the Tokyo Game Show, Square-Enix showed some trailers for their big name titles in their super awesome closed theater and practically pissed off everyone who couldn't make it? Well now you may rejoice! YouTube user Zero9teen recently uploaded the new extended trailers for Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII that were shown in Square-Enix's closed theater, and these new extended trailers were made available with the recently released material book CLOUD. The trailers include some recycled material from previous trailers as well as some new never before seen footage that will more than likely make you say wow…well at least the Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer might make you say that.


Now give us a release date, Square-Enix. We're waiting. Both trailers can be seen past the break.


EDIT: Alternatively, you can view the videos in a much better quality at Stage6 uploaded by user Kinan07. Click here for FFXIII and here for Versus XIIII.