PlayStation 3

Watch: Gundam Musou Gameplay


Gundam Musou was released this past Thursday in Japan; and if sales are any indication, Gundam Musou managed to sell 70% of its 180,000 shipments. Despite the fact that not many Japanese gamers own a PS3, Gundam Musou’s sales aren’t all that bad for a first week. Here’s to hoping that the sales do improve since Gundam, more so the Musou games, sell in an instant!


To commemorate the success of Gundam Musou, watch this gameplay clip and observe how the game plays. It seems that Gundam Musou suffers from the stapled problems most people who dislike Musou condemn it for (i.e. uninspiring environments and repetition), but you be the judge.




Looks pretty good to me. Thoughts?