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Watch Some Horses Race In Pocket Card Jockey



Nintendo’s Pocket Card Jockey has a trailer online, for people who’ve been wondering how a game where you play solitaire to race horses would work. The video goes through every element, showing exactly how the Game Freak game works.


It all begins with a brief opening hand of solitaire, where you remove cards covering START! cards. Each of the Pocket Card Jockey start cards has a certain energy value assigned to it, and it’s best to try for one with three to five energy on it. From there, people play games of solitaire as a horse goes around the track. Removing all cards gives you more energy. Ideally, you want to plot courses on the track between hands, keeping the course in its comfort zone, so it’ll build up more energy and perhaps even get a Unity bonus for being in the perfect space on the track when you complete a hand.


The Pocket Card Jockey video also goes over some of the different kinds of horses you can use in the game. Each one can level up to improve their speed and stamina as they race, so long as they’re three years old or younger. They also learn skills if you collect cards with lightbulbs on them during a race. Once a horse has come of age, you can pair up retired horses to breed more for you to race.


Pocket Card Jockey will come to the European Nintendo 3DS eShop on May 5, 2016. The game has a May 2016 release window in North America. A demo is available in both regions.

Jenni Lada
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