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Watch An Hour Of Nyoki Nyoki: Tabidachi Hen Versus Matches


nyoki nyoki 1 Nyoki Nyoki: Tabidachi Hen, the first game from Puyo Puyo creator Masamitsu Niitani’s  Compile-Maru, is going to launch on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan next week. While a debut trailer was released yesterday  and showed off basic gameplay and some characters, Compile-Maru has also uploaded footage from the Nyoki Nyoki: Tabidachi Hen tournament held on October 29, 2016 in Osaka, Japan. Almost an hour’s worth of footage shows players facing off in versus matches.


The Nyoki Nyoki: Tabidachi Hen tournament shows exactly how people need to play to win. You accumulate Nyoki Nyoki and match them to build up your attack power. Ojama, junk pieces, can fall on top of these. You can attack at any time, eliminating all of your matching Nyoki Nyoki from your field and sending Ojama to your opponent. While it isn’t shown in this footage, there is a handicap option in the game that lets people of different skill levels fight equally by determining if two to five colors of Nyoki Nyoki appear and gauging their overall skill level.



Nyoki Nyoki: Tabidachi Hen will come to the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on November 16, 2016.

Jenni Lada
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