Watch James Sunderland’s Voice Actor Play Silent Hill 2 For The First Time



Guy Cihi, the actor who played James Sunderland in Silent Hill 2, hadn’t ever sat through a playthrough of the iconic game that he starred in before a week or two ago. Now he has, and you can watch as he experiences the game for the first time (via Bloody Disgusting).


Cihi appeared on the Play With Friends livestream to sit down with Fungo as he played through Silent Hill 2. So, technically, Cihi hasn’t played the game himself still, but he has at least seen it all as it plays out in front of him.


What makes the videos worth watching is hearing what Cihi has to say about the experience of acting for Silent Hill 2, and being directed by writer Takayoshi Sato, director Masashi Tsuboyama, and producer Akihiro Imamura.


Luckily, Cihi uploaded the livestream in two parts to what appears to be his personal YouTube channel, so you can watch them with ease. Part 1 is above while Part 2 is below.


Chris Priestman