Nintendo 3DS

Watch Out, Naughty Kids! Frosty And Santa Are In Gaist Crusher



Santas! Santas everywhere during this season. Can’t take a step without running into one, even in Gaist Crusher. The game’s getting a special Christmas mission with a Happy Santa Claus Gaimetal that… uh… maybe it took over a nearby Santa Claus model or something?


Anyway, the zany Santa comes packed with brick treads to move around in, fires off massive present bombs that explode with an area-of-effect radius, and a gigantic Ion Cannon laser on his abdomen. Yeah. Really. That’s what he really gives to bad children at Christmas, ya know. And now we have proof.


There will also be a Jack Frost wannabe snowman called Hell Frost Gaimetal to fight as well, which takes it to two new Gears to wear after. If you want in on this, you just have to scan the QR code within the game’s QR reader over on this page and run the missions before the 26th of December.



Gaist Crusher is out now for Nintendo 3DS in Japan. While you can’t play it, you can view the Japanese Miiverse on your US/EU Nintendo 3DS and check out the screenshots people are uploading.