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Watch Nioh’s Latest Footage With A Giant Frog Boss, Alpha And Beta Bonus Items



Koei Tecmo recently announced they’re going to host a Nioh live stream on the 20th of each month until its release this February. Here’s a look at what went down in the first session over the weekend.


The gameplay starts at the 37:08 mark, but it’s mostly tutorials in the dojo area at the beginning. At 43:32 we see how things are a little bit further into the game, where more challenges await. You can watch the boss fight at the 1:00:12 mark, and it looks pretty challenging.




First-print copies come with the red Sanada Yukimura armor as a DLC. The black armor  is one that comes with digital Nioh pre-orders on PSN along with a PS4 theme. Pre-ordering the game on PSN will also get you the Sanada Yukimura outfit.



Those who beat the alpha test will get the “Onryoki Helmet,” based on the Onryoki boss.



Those who beat the beta will get the “Hinoenma” helmet.

Nioh releases on February 9, 2017 for PlayStation 4.

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