Watch Pikachu Idols Perform PiPiPiPi☆Pikachu With a 100,000-Volt Smile

Pikachu Idols

We’ve seen Pikachu do just about everything, but the latest is a first and involves a group of Pikachu idols. The seven-Pikachu unit perform a song called “PiPiPiPi☆Pikachu” while dancing and dressed up in fancy outfits.

Check out the music video brought to you by Pokemon Kids TV below:

The full title of the song is “PiPiPiPi☆Pikachu ~Change the World with a 100,000-Volt Smile~.” (The Thunderbolt move is called “100,000 Volts” in Japanese.) The first part of the title might give the impression that you’re going to hear seven Pikachus making Pikachu sounds in unison for the entire song, but they’re mostly there to dance and wiggle their tails.

The lyrics go on about sparkling hearts, best friends, and changing the world for the best with an electric smile. The song also throws in several puns surrounding Pikachu’s moves and cute stuff about sparkling hearts while wiggling their tails. As for the music video, it also focuses on the friendship between Pikachu and Eevee.

The Pikachu idols’ “”PiPiPiPi☆Pikachu ~Change the World with a 100,000-Volt Smile~” performance is only available in Japanese. If you were hoping to hear the Pikachus actually singing, we might have to wait for their next single. For now, you can also check out the official Pikachu ASMR video from The Pokemon Company from December 2020.

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