Watch PokéLand’s Pokémon Rumble-Style Gameplay On Smartphone



The Pokémon Company recently announced PokéLand in Japan, which is pretty much a smartphone version of Pokémon Rumble under a different name. Check out how it plays on mobile devices in footage from the alpha test.


The controls are said to be easy as it gets with simple taps on the screen to perform attacks. You’ll make a Mii for the player character with the objective of collecting as many Pokémon “toys” possible to report for Professor Pokesky. Keep in mind that this is from the alpha footage, so the player says there are a lot of restrictions for content that won’t be available until launch.


As previously reported, the alpha test has six islands, 52 stages, a 15-floor Champion Tower, and about 134 Pokémon toys to start. Testing will last until June 12, and we can expect to learn more about it in the following weeks or months.


PokéLand is in development for iPhone and Android. A release date or window has yet to be announced.

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