PlayStation 3

Watch Saint Seiya Brave Soldier’s Eagle Marin And Others In Action



There’s a lot of characters in Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers, and not all of them have seen a decent amount of screen time yet. That’s addressed in the above video, a recap of everything shown off so far and some more footage of characters such as Eagle Marin and Ophiuchus Shaina fighting it out.


Close watching of the video also shows that there will be challenges for each character in survival mode, such as simple ones like getting a five-hit combo or Sea Horse Baian’s ridiculous-looking 40-hit combo challenge. It seems there’s a point score attached to each challenge, though what that will do is not quite clear. Overcustom Mode—which lets players slot in extra buffs for point costs, also gets a quick coast through.


You can see better skills take up more points, and it seems you’ll have a maximum of 8 points to play around with per character.


Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers will be out October 17th on PlayStation 3 in Japan, and November 26th in the US and Canada as a PlayStation Network download.