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Watch The Start Of Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem With Details On What’s Going On



Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem (Genei Ibun Roku#FE) recently released in Japan, and we got ourselves a look at the game’s opening stages from videos provided by YouTube user Menthol Life. Here’s a look at the opening stages where Itsuki meets up with his childhood friend, and also the Mirage named Chrom.


As a reminder, the following video and details are from the starting part of the game, so if you wish to avoid any spoilers at all, we’d suggest you to skip this article.


The game starts out with Itsuki walking into some kind of event as he waits for his buddy Touma. He then notices Tsubasa Oribe nearby and approaches her. She’s pretty surprised to see him there, asking if he was supposed to hang out with Touma. She’s a bit upset about Touma being late, likely because it led to Tsubasa finding her there.


She then shares her excitement for Kiria’s upcoming live show that will take place in the middle of Shibuya. Tsubasa is a huge fan of Kiria and makes Itsuki promise that he’ll check her out, and if he doesn’t, he’d owe her a parfait of the best kind. Itsuki says that he doesn’t mind treating her, so she doesn’t need to push it that much. Tsubasa explains that it’s because she’d like to be able to talk to him more about Kiria.



As it turns out, the reason she was embarrassed to be caught there in the first place was because she was actually there for the “One of All” idol audition. When they made an announcement for the participants to gather, she suddenly had to leave due to some “urgent business.” While waiting on Touma, Itsuki decides to check out what’s going on with all the commotion going on at this event.


Once Itsuki shows up to the idol event, he finds his childhood friend Tsubasa on stage. She makes a little embarrassing slip of the tongue for her introduction. However, he also notices a strange cloaked person floating behind her, who disappears shortly after. When asked what kind of idol she’d like to become, Tsubasa says that she hopes to be one that can make everyone happy.


She explains that a long time ago she was feeling terribly depressed and it caused those around her to worry, which made her feel bad about it. However, there was one childhood friend who treated her the same way as before, and that was more than enough to cheer her up bits at a time. This made her wish to be able to do the same and bring happiness to others.



The host then asks if her depression had anything to do with her older sister, the idol Ayaka Oribe. He then eggs her on to explain what exactly happened between the two and asks more about the sister. Tsubasa says that she was cheerful, a great singer, and more than anything, a very kind older sister. The host then brings up how Tsubasa’s sister disappeared five years ago from the “New Theater Grand Opening Disappearance Case.”


The people in the audience notice that the host has been asking some strange questions. The host then keeps going on about how terrible the incident was, then asks Tsubasa how would she feel if she could have the opportunity to meet her sister, who happens to be there.


“H-huh? Big sister!?” exclaims Tsubasa.


The host reponds, “you’ve been fooled! A penalty for the simple idiot! You should suffer the same fate as your sister!” shouted the host in a strange turn of events.



People from the audience appear to fall one by one from some kind of effect caused by the host and the mysterious cloaked guys, who are apparently taking away something called “Performa” everyone there. Itsuki is shown to be getting hit by the effects from the mysterious cloaked guys, but is saved from some kind of light that radiates from his chest. He must now save Tsubasa.


In the next part, Itsuki steps into the strange shiny portal-like object and finds himself in what appears to be a dungeon. A mysterious girl (TiKi) appears in front of him and tells him to hurry up and continue going forward because the girl is in danger. He works his way through the dungeon and hears a girl screaming. They show one of the participants from the idol event, who appears to get “turned” by the host and the cloaked guys.



One of them appears behind Itsuki, saying “hand it over… power… hand it over, hand it over.” Itsuki makes a run for it and dashes towards a building, where he hears Tsubasa on the other side of the door. The cloaked man appears behind him once more saying “hand it over… power… hand it over.”


After stepping into the building, he finds a struggling Tsubasa. The cloaked man catches up to Itsuki, and just as he’s about to get strike him down with his blade, an orb of light appears from Itsuki’s chest, which he grasps and uses to attack the man.



“What was I doing…” says the mysterious man who looks like he was waking up from a slumber. “I’ll take care of these guys. We’ll talk later, you go save that girl!” Itsuki must save Tsubasa on his own, but has no idea how. It isn’t long until Tsubasa also shows a similar light radiating from her chest, which Itsuki extracts to use against the cloaked woman that was haunting his childhood friend. She, too, appears to have come back to her senses, similar to the mysterious man.


The four were surrounded by several more cloaked villains, and go into their “Carnage Forms,” where Itsuki and Tsubasa transform using the powers of the mysterious people they just met. “Unbelievable,” says a voice coming from the sword, surprising Itsuki. He recognizes the voice as the one from the mysterious man, who guides him how to fight in the first battle.




After the fight, they all return back to their normal forms. The man says that he still doesn’t know what’s going on, but remembers his name as “Chrom.” Itsuki thanks him and introduces himself. Chrom shakes his hand thanking him as well, because it was the light from Itsuki that vanquished the darkness within him. The woman introduces herself as Shiida, and is met with a polite introduction from Tsubasa. Shiida apologizes for scaring her, but Tsubasa explains that even though she was scared, it was thanks to them that they made it out alive, and returned the gratitude.


Itsuki asks Chrom what exactly are they, looking back at how they first got attacked then saved by them. Chrom says that he doesn’t even know why he’s there, and Shiida has also been trying to remember but nothing comes to mind. Chrom then suggests they leave the area, as he can’t promise those were the last of the villains. They decide to do just that for the time being.


Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem is currently available in Japan for Wii U. The game is expected to release in North America and Europe in 2016.

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