Watch SWERY Tour The Places In Osaka That Influenced His Games


A video by YouTube channel toco toco tv has D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die and Deadly Premonition director SWERY touring Osaka and explaining how parts of it influenced his games.


He visits KO-HATSU arcade to play some of the first games he got paid to make (and loses while playing them in versus battles) and also goes to Owl’s Nest bar where the owner, Gen, teaches him English.


Gen’s tales of playing hockey in Canada also inspired SWERY to set Deadly Premonition in Canada. The reason the game ended up being set in America was due to the producers saying it’s the place that “generates the most sales.”


After this, SWERY visits two different bars where he goes drinking. The first is owned by an old class mate and where he goes to drink from the selection of whiskeys and watch “weird” movies. The second is a specialize tequila bar where he continues to get drunk.

Chris Priestman