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Watch Tatsunoko Legends Battle Godzilla-Like Monsters



    Hamster’s curious Xbox One project, Azito x Tatsunoko Legends, brings Tatsunoko anime characters together again, but this game isn’t anything like Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars. The goal of the game is build an unstoppable base and defeat all enemies with the help of Tatsunoko’s famous heroes. The official website divides this process into six steps:


    1. Build a command room and a power generator, which all have to be attached to a ventilation and wiring system.


    2. Gather money to power up your base by developing products in the lab, building them in the factory, and then selling them under the guise of a city above ground.


    3. Strengthen your military to fend off robot aggressors! Deploy legendary heroes and heroines from Tatsunoko’s past to fight your battles.


    4. Prepare for an enemy invasion by powering up your outer defenses above ground.


    5. Gather information about your enemy’s plans by obtaining and selling goods and information in your camouflaged city.


    6. Befriend several legends from Tatsunoko’s past and battle together with them



    That’s a player deploying Tatsunko’s Yatterman and Yatterman-2 to fight off some aggressors. While the player scrolls through his underground base around the 0:55 second mark, you can see several of the game’s rooms at work: factories producing goods, labs performing research, and above-ground structures preparing Yatterman’s robot. Yatter Dog makes a brief appearance at the end of the video, celebrating their victory.



    You can also watch a player start the game’s sixth mission. He starts by hiring scientists, building a ventilation shaft, and then placing several rooms along it to begin gathering resources. To build these, he selects from a pull-out menu on the left side of the screen, and then places them in the desired location on the map. The scene shifts from day to night and back again as the player waits for resources to be built or products to be researched and manufactured. The units will alert you when their research is complete.

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