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Watch the Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection Switch and PC Launch Trailer

Watch the Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection Switch and PC Launch Trailer
Image via Atlus

As is common with Atlus games, there’s an Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection launch trailer showing what to expect from the Nintendo Switch and PC releases. This is more of a summary, rather than a focused look on a specific element like mapping. After watching, people will immediately find all three games either individually or as a collection in both storefronts.

The launch trailer first shows what it’s like to explore the remastered dungeons. Then, it shows the static, updated art used for characters and locations in town. From there, it focuses on gameplay. We get to see some dungeon biomes, as well as seafaring in Etrian Odyssey III. After that, we see how NPCs can assign quests, we form a five-person party, and learn skills from the sill trees. Near the end of the video, we see how fighting enemies and exploring the dungeon nets us materials to fill up our catalogue and earn new equipment.

Atlus also offered a reminder about the free DLC offer. If someone purchases one of the three games separately or the collection by June 14, 2023, they’ll get character portraits from past Atlus games. Persona 5’s Joker and Soul Hackers 2’s Ring are in the original game as options. Etrian Odyssey II HD gets Persona 4’s Teddie and SMT III Nocturne’s Demi-Fiend as possible portraits. Persona 3’s Aigis and SMT V’s Nahobino are the two for Etrian Odyssey III HD.

Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection is available for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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