Watch The Winning Majora’s Mask Performance From World Cosplay Summit 2015


The Grand Champions at this year’s World Cosplay Summit competition in Japan was Mexican team Twin Cosplay, who performed a Majora’s Mask routine on stage, managing four costume changes in under three minutes (thanks AnimeNewsNetwork). You can watch the entire performance above.


The pair appear as Garo ninjas, Link, Skull Kid, and even depict the final battle with Majora. Twin Cosplay were also given the Minister of Foreign Affairs Award, ANA Prize, and the Tabi Pad Award for their performance.

Second place was given to the Italian entry from Nadiask and Mogu Cosplay. They performed a Neon Genesis Evangelion routine on the stage as you can watch above.

And in third place was America’s Yummy Gamorah Cosplay and Alpacosplay, who also took the WCS Executive Committee Award for their performance of the Paradise Kiss anime, as seen in the video above.

Chris Priestman