Watch These Japanese Beatboxers Fight Using Holograms



Japanese video producer and animator Seiichiro Shimizu teamed up with a bunch of beatboxers for a video styled as if a fighting game that features Ninchro holograms (as spotted by Prosthetic Knowledge).


As the video explains, the holograms are organically generated ninja avatars that covert sound into energy, which is how their fighting moves are fuelled. So it’s up to each beatboxer to spit some beats out to charge up their ninja during the fight.


First up are beatboxers Trip and Aibo who control Raze and Aby, respectively. Raze uses lightning attacks while Aby uses the power of burning to inflict damage.


Once the two beatboxers fight and come to a draw, a dark shadow enters the stage called Lero, powered by beatboxer Tatsuya, and that uses spacetime energy to come out on top.

Chris Priestman