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Watch Your Little Sister Become A Magical Girl In Exstetra



    Furyu has shared a trailer introducing another heroine from their upcoming RPG Exstetra. In this game, you play as Ryoma, a boy who has the power to give people special powers by kissing them. This time, we get to see Akari, an energetic girl who is a fan of magical girls.


    After kissing Ryoma and becoming a Prisma Knight, Akari has the power to turn into a magical girl herself and perform flashy attacks like Dream Shot. She admires Ryoma and views him as an older brother, although as far as we know, they’re not blood-related. Her voice actress is Yui Ogura (Rom from Hyperdimension Neptunia).


    Exstetra will be released for the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita on November 7.


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