Water Plants For Advantages As You Dig Through Subterrarium



Players work to dig their way home in puzzle game Subterrarium, but will have to mind the tons of dirt overhead as they do it.




The route home isn’t a simple one. As players dig through the dirt, they can find money, which is used to buy soda. Soda can then be used to water seeds found along the way, many of which have odd effects like growing huge flowers that players can climb, or creating bombplants that will blow up the area around them. With every player action, the dirt overhead can become more unstable, though, so care will be needed as players explore.




Subterrarium has two modes. Challenge Mode lets players tackle hand-crafted puzzles made by the developer, and Adventure Mode creates five procedurally-generated maps for players to work their way through.




Subterrarium is available now on Steam and

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