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Wayward Sky Is A “Look And Click VR Adventure” Set In A Sky Fortress, Coming To Project Morpheus



Developer Uber Entertainment revealed Wayward Sky, a “look and click VR adventure,” for Project Morpheus on PlayStation 4 during E3.


It has you playing as a young woman called Bess, who is a co-pilot in her father’s plane when they crash land on a sky fortress. Immediately upon arrival at this fortress, a large robot kidnaps Bess’s father, prompting Bess to find him by traversing this dilapidating, robot-filled citadel. This involves avoiding Repairbots and, as you’ll see in the game’s trailer, flying a chicken through the air.



To guide Bess around the fortress you simply have to look at the spot you want her to go to and then hit a button on the PS4 controller to confirm that spot. It’s played in third-person primarily in exploration but Wayward Sky also switches to a first-person perspective when Bess is solving puzzles.


To achieve this transition in virtual reality it’s a little more complex than in any other videogame format as moving the camera independently of the player can be uncomfortable for them. “To solve this, we do camera ‘blinks’ between areas as the player guides Bess through it. During these blinks, we switch camera angles to allow you to explore the world thoroughly,” Uber Entertainment explained.

Chris Priestman