We Shall Wake’s Latest Demo Really Lets You Mess With Its Hyper-Fast Movesets


Nokori Ware has released Demo 7 for its hyper-fast combat action game We Shall Wake. It’s the result of a year’s work on refining the game’s combat mechanics to make them fast and smooth. “DEMO 7 is all about letting the players take Novem out for a test drive and see what he can do,” the studio says.


There are three things to look out for in Demo 7: the aggressive AI, how quickly and freely you can move around, and being able to construct your own customized movesets from more than 50 individual moves.


The rest of the game isn’t there. As you’ll see when you start the demo up (or watch the video above), all you have is a field and a bunch of robots. Nokori Ware says that now the fundamentals of the game are more or less nailed down it’ll be focusing on building the rest of the game. This will include a full story mode with 10 boss fights, enormous areas to explore, factional warfare, a town builder, and robot dinosaurs.


The studio says that “there’s never been an open world game with a fighting system approaching the depth and quality of [its] favorite action brawlers,” and so it hopes that We Shall Wake will fulfil that. Find out more about We Shall Wake in Siliconera’s interview with its director.

Chris Priestman